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Welcome to Meadowbrook Ultimate Frisbee, elementary edition! Our goal is to create an exciting atmosphere for your child to enjoy playing a collaborative team sport. This is a weekly program that focuses on movement, team-work and the fundamentals of ultimate frisbee. We welcome new players and aim to create a postive, inclusive and welcoming enviornment. Our sessions will split up into two groups: Grades K-2 & 3-5 will be working in their own groups. Please fill out the parent and player information form linked on our website. 

Meadowbrook Ultimate Club | Elementary School

    • Elementary School Based Ultimate Frisbee Club
    • Saturday Programs @ Meadowbrook 2:00-3:00
    • October 8 -> November 12
    • Positive, Supporting and Enthusiastic Coaching
    • New Players Welcome!
    • Two groups: K-2 & 3-5
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