One Month of Ultimate Content

American Ultimate Academy presents a #MonthOfUltimate, 30 free Ultimate tutorials. Material includes skills, concepts, throws, plays, and training information. Subscribe to our YouTube to view our entire library of videos below. For access to full games, head over to Ultiworld is the premier location for news, video, content and all things Ultimate.

Episode 1 - How To Run the Fast Break

Episode 2 - Flashing the Lane on Defense

Episode 3 - The Dishy Pass

Episode 4 - How To Angle Your Vert Stack

Episode 5 - Emergency Handler Cuts

Episode 6 - How To Execute a Flood Pull Play

Episode 7 - How to Use a 'Bracket' on Defense

Episode 8 - Improve Your Hucking

Episode 9 - Clear Space For Your Teammates!

Episode 10 - How To Poach Downfield

Episode 11 - Ultimate Frisbee Workout

Episode 12 - Thrower Initiated Resets

Episode 13 - Cutting Against a Bracket/ Zone

Episode 14 - Utilize Your Pump Fakes

Episode 15 - Ultimate Frisbee Split Stack

Episode 16 - Cutting Against Flat Marks

Episode 17 - Advanced Handler Defense

Episode 18 - How to Combat 'Handler Rolls'

Episode 19 - Break the Mark 

Episode 20 - Horizontal Stack Plays

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